Dare to DIY / Bring it on!!

I’m doing my little happy dance. Right now, with my hair sticking up, wearing my super big polka dot flannel pants and my ratty old sweatshirt. Why all this excitement, you may ask?? BECAUSE I’M ON A MISSION!!!!!!!!!!

There is no mistaking it, I love projects.  And buying a house earlier this year of course led to a huge list of projects, that sadly, have gone by the way-side lately (the way WAY side).

But have no fear, because the Dare to DIY PARTY is here!! I’m hoping this gets my rear back in gear for the holidays and inspires me to jump-start some of the projects I’ve neglected! There’s nothing like a schedule with deadlines (….I mean, party dates!) to inspire the procrastinators of the world to get going!!!

Check out the details (and get a cute button for your blog) here:

Dare to DIY

The party starts soon folks, so check out the deets and start planning!!! I’m trying, but the first ‘party’ is the one that’s got me stumped!!!


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