Another 2-for-1 recipe night

I tried two, yep count ’em, TWO new recipes tonight! I’m happy to report that both came out fabulously! I’m one stuffed to the brim Kelliebelle!

First, for dinner we had pumpkin-turkey meatloaf with cranberry topping. Yummy, healthy, easy….I’m in love…. I followed the recipe almost exactly, just added a little extra seasoning to the meat (onion, oregano, etc). We had this with green early peas and mashed potatoes with apple-maple smoked cheese shredded on top the potatoes. A huge hit!

pumpkin turkey meatloaf

Then, because I could not possibly waste the second half-can of pumpkin, I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  I discovered them via Cosmicpluto knits, and OMG, yes, everyone on the planet should make these! I followed the recipe fairly well, but substituted the 1/2 cup oil for 1/4 cup Lighter Bake. I can’t tell, they are totally decadent and thanks to the Lighter Bake, I don’t feel remotely guilty for eating two….even though I was still full from dinner.

MMmmmm, cookie...........

My work here is done….I’m gonna go lay on the couch like a beached whale. Oh, one more thing, I finished my afghan square from Friday night:

Crazy log cabin square

This is a very special square. It’s the first thing I’ve ever knitted with my own handspun yarn, SUCCESS!! It also has my first ever dyed fiber in there (the pink/blue in the middle, interspersed with the brown) and it’s my first ever attempt at a log cabin square (which is knit in sections with the direction changing….intended to look a bit like a quilt square). I didn’t actually change colors here, I just spun a bunch of different fibers in what I though would be an interesting order. Lastly, this square is most special because it’s going in the mail tomorrow to get sewed into an afghan for a great friend.

OK, now the whale impersonation…..


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