October Wrap-up

  1. Front of house makeover – IN PROGRESS!! We met with the contractor and are waiting to hear back with the official quote. Should here any day now!
  2. Put up Halloween decorations!!! DONE!!
  3. Complete kitchen built-in with countertop and backsplash design FAIL!!
  4. Seal Granite countertops in kitchen – FAIL!!
  5. Pack up summer clothes and prep for winter. DONE!! Donated two bags, YAY!
  6. Write letter to Animal Shelter DONE!! Even got a response!
  7. Work on Emersen’s gift – IN PROGRESS!! As expected, this is quite a challenge!
  8. Spin more yarn – DONE!! Even starting knitting up an afghan square with it, have more fiber on the spindle and just ordered some more online yesterday!
  9. Keep on blogging on! – SUCCESS! I think I’m posting much more regularly and I thank my awesome new laptop for that!
  10. Try at least one totally new recipe! DONE! In fact, I blew this one out of the water by doing a two-for-one pumpkin special!
  11. Work on craft room organization/storage – FAIL!
  12. Treadmill, Treadmill, Treadmill!!! – FAIL! I started out great for two weeks and it was all downhill from there.

Four fails isn’t too bad for this list. We had quite a busy month and did a few things not on the list, so overall, a good October. Now I have to come up with my November list….there is admittedly a lot to do! Stay tuned!!


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