November 2009 Goals

So, the goal list, yea. There are so many things that I want to put, that I’ve decided to make a “winter” list separately to put all the things that are kinda open ended. I need them on a list so I don’t forget them, but I really doubt I’ll get them done in November and just can’t set myself up for a post full of failures, so the winter list will be forecoming. With that in mind here is my November list:

1-Bloggidy-blog makeover: I hate themes, especially the bad and boring ones. I used to enjoy changing up my theme regularly on Blogger before my site got mega-bugged. The old Blogger site is now fixed, but I really like the features wordpress has so I want to stick with this one. So I subscribed and DH promises to show me how to do the CSS editing.

2-DIY Blog party: Kim has tricks up her sleeve. I’m game….could never pass up a dare, much less a double dog dare! That’s right Kim…I spy that new button on your site. Bring it on! See, it’s even making my “get ‘er down” list!

3-Kitchen updates: I really need to install the knobs/pulls on our kitchen cabinets and seal the granite countertops.We have everything to do both, but haven’t.

4-Holiday crafting: I absolutely must get cracking on the gift list. These currently include:

  • crocheted pillow
  • pillow pal
  • kitcheny goodness for Sha-Recipe holiday swap partner
  • ornament(s) for my December 07 Nestie swap partner
  • Christmas stockings for the puppies

5-Weekly Weigh-Ins: the vet fussed at me that our puppies are getting a bit soft. So, we’re back to weighing in and watching how many treats they get, etc.

6-Craft room bonanza: I have a plan. It’s a shaky, not totally thoughtout plan, but a plan. We’ll see how it all turns out. If it is blog-worthy, you will know and there will be pictures!

7-Try a new recipe: I’m totally taking care of this one tonight!

8-Spinning: I need to finish spinning up my current fiber because I have more on the way!

9-Plan winter ski trip: DH will DIE if we don’t go skiing this winter. I’ve never been skiing, I’m from Louisiana for goodness sake! I am brave though, and willing to give it a try.

10-Puppy training: we are taking a break before the intermediate obedience course because Mickey is a bit hard to train. We are just getting him to sit on command somewhat consistently. He tends to get excited and just bounce around a lot. We want to master the basics from the puppy course before we start the intermediate course (perhaps in Jan or Feb)

That’s the top 10, so I will stop there. I would put some good pro-active Christmas stuff on there, but let’s face it, that’s optimistic, so if I get that done before December, it will just be a bonus!


2 thoughts on “November 2009 Goals

  1. lol…. I just love you. You spied the button, huh? More on that soon…. homework and work are cramping my style. =)

    I’m so excited about this month – you have so many good projects. I cannot wait to see the craft room and the crocheted pillow….

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