Friday night knitting

Coffee and fiber...mmm.....

What a Friday night. Good coffee and my first attempt at knitting with my handspun yarn!!! As you can see, it is a modest sized little ball of yarn in a variety of colors. I took the remainder of my Sept Phat Fiber box samples and spun them into one continuous yarn, to get a rainbow of colors! I’m trying to knit up a square to donate to an afghan for a friend, so let’s hope this works!! I’m using a Log Cabin Square pattern, but rather than changing yarn colors for the different sections, I’m just knitting along and letting the colors change as they were spun. Should be…..interesting….

By the way, I finished the lapghan I started a few weeks ago.


It turned out to be about 39 inches square (give or take a smidge) and there is a quite unique applique adorning one corner. You’ll have to be patient to see that one because I decided this is going to be a gift and chose the applique quite strategically for the recipient. Shhh, secret….


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