Dressing it up!

I often think about how to make my pictures of knitting projects a little more enticing…a little more pro. My biggest issue is usually not the camera or the actual picture-taking (DH has a knack for photography), but the where. First, let’s be honest, I have to find a ‘clean’ place. So no one will go….”Great scarf Kel! Hey is that your dirty laundry on the floor in the background?” or something of the like. (Not that any of you would ever do that to me…and I thank you for your willingness to turn that blind eye!)

Recently while I was cruising the pages of the latest abc distributing catalog, I came across this little baby:

For a mere $19.99!! What a steal!! I can hang accessories on it, use it for taking awesome pictures of my scarves and such, SCORE!!! It arrived today and after just about 10 minutes of assembly, VOILA! Magnificent! I just HAD to take a picture!! So I naturally grabbed the nearest thing….and being in the kitchen, that would be one of my aprons:

Kellie's apron

Yep, I have aprons with my name on them. And stars. Any seasoned road-traveler may recognize this apron. I worked for several years in college at a Cracker Barrel restaurant. I earned my 4 stars (the highest level, pats self on back) and got the maroon trainer apron. Oh yea, I’m good. What did I do in said restaurant you may wonder?? I was the Retail Trainer for the gift shop!! That’s right, talk about a fun job!! And as a result, I became a MASTER gift wrapper and gift basket maker after plowing through several Christmas seasons there. Hmmm, I may smell a gift wrap tips and tricks post coming up in the near future for Christmas….What do you think?? Anyone interested??

PS, my old work aprons make the BEST home aprons!! Maybe I’ll take some measurements and post for my friend Kim, who is now a apron-making pro!


4 thoughts on “Dressing it up!

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, friend. =)

    Love the form. I’m totally coveting it. I’ve been trying to find a spot in our home for good photos. I’m still in pursuit.

    I am totally thinking about following your lead and using my favorite apron as a pattern for a new one in fancy fabrics. Great idea. =)

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