Boot Update

Because I know you are all DYING in anticipation!!!

These came home with me yesterday:

Naturalizer Hunt in Black

I decided to go  to my local Shoe Warehouse rather than buy online. This does narrow the options, but then I can try them on. Is it just me, or are shoe sizes getting more like clothing sizes…..the number doesn’t matter?? I bought 8.5, for YEARS I tell ya, I have worn a 9. But lately I’ve been needed 8.5. Now I really doubt that my feet have shrunk! I think designers are trying to drive us crazy!!! I walked around them in the store for 15 min (no kidding) to make sure they were ‘the ones’ . I’ve been known for doing this. I wore my wedding dress for an hour in the bridal store when I first tried it on. I didn’t want to take it off!!

Anyhow, I’ve decided to be practical and hold off on the REALLY AWESOME cowgirl boots. (They are going on my list of Twenty Wishes!).


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