A Response from the Shelter!

Got this in my inbox today! I must say, I’M SHOCKED! I really didn’t expect to hear anything back. This actually makes me feel much better, that my words were actually taken seriously! SUCCESS!!

Dear Dr. KellieBelle,

Thank you for your letter. I appreciate you writing to us. I’m sorry to hear that your experience with our shelter wasn’t what it should have been. I’m glad to hear that you have since adopted 2 puppies and that everything is going great for you and your new friends.

I will forward your letter to our Directors. We will also share your letter with our staff in order to hopefully avoid a similar situation in the future with another hopeful new puppy adopter. If I can be of any more help, please feel welcome to contact me again or Julie who is our Director of Adoptions.



3 thoughts on “A Response from the Shelter!

  1. I am glad they responded also and quickly. I do hope that the staff will take this serious. I understand that there might be people out there who shouldn’t adopt, but you guys had a plan in place and make perfect parents.

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