A GREAT Sunday!!

For so many reasons!! First….just to set the stage, I got to watch the Saints!!! This was cause for celebration!! A native New Orleanian, I really miss watching the Saints every weekend. Football just isn’t the same. I’m in Patriots land, and I really don’t like the Patriots. ALL they ever play is the Patriots. I think Tom Brady is a girly boy. There, I said it. But this weekend was different because The Saints were playing the Giants and it was not at the same time as the Patriots so they actually aired it in Boston, WOO-HOO!!

In preparation for THE game (and in celebration of  having the housework done thanks to loads of help from my hubby on Saturday) I decided to throw caution to the wind and an inch to my thighs by making Pumpkin Whoopie Pies and Pumpkin Fudge!!! Since moving to New England last year I have learned quite a bit about the history of the Whoopie Pie! They are wildly popular, come in lots of flavors and I even saw a show about them on a local channel (there was nothing better on TV at the time). While browsing the Better Homes and Gardens website, I came across this, SWEET! I made them and they are awesome! I have shamelessly eaten two of them today.

Here’s the cake mix. It’s basically just really thick and you spoon it out on a cookie sheet to make little cakes. Then you take the cakes and put the filling in between like a sandwich:

Out of the oven and coolingIMG_3443

Then you inhale them like the awesomeness they are!!!!

I was afraid of the Pumpkin Fudge because I’ve never tried making any kind of candy. I was afraid I wouldn’t cook it enough and it wouldn’t ‘set’. For a first try I think this turned out great!! I could have cooked it a little longer. It’s a little soft and the textrue is a little grainy, like the sugar didn’t all quit melt away, but really it’s not bad! I have this little tub all set to go to work with me tomorrow!


And the Saints won! I did my victory dance while eating a Whoopie Pie, WHOOPIE!!!!!


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