Lazy weekend=GOOD weekend!

We have had a GREAT weekend!! DH and I have really hit our stirde at reaching a good balance on work/relaxation these past few weekends. Of course we also haven’t tackled any big projects, but that’s OK too. This weekend we had a nice Saturday at home. We did laundry, a bit of pick up, had some quality time with the puppies, and I got to play with my yarn!

First some puppy pictures because they are just too stinking cute!!


This one makes me laugh and think of Scrappy Doo saying “Puppy Power!”


We got to relax on the couch. The puppies took a nap while I crocheted:


I’m working on an impromtu lapghan. I had a moment of inspiration and grabbed some yarn from my stash that I had darker sophisticated shades of and paired them with their brighter counterpart for a two-stranded project with a big hook. Gotta love big hooks, they make the work go so fast!! Below is the current status. The top picture shows the current size (a little more than halfway through my planned size); the bottom picture is a natural light close-up so you can see the colors better.


My plan is to finish this out as a square, add a border and then an applique or two. We’ll see if it come out, I really hope it does because this is intended to be a gift and since I am making  up the design, I’m excited to see how it turns out!!!


3 thoughts on “Lazy weekend=GOOD weekend!

  1. Love the lapghan. I’m thinking about taking a crocheting class locally. I wanted to do it before the end of 09, so I gotta get going. You’re my inspiration. =)

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