Puppy Pillow Bed

A few months ago we bought the puppies a nice big floor pillow to share as a bed in the living room. They loved it!! It was a nice green and blue plaid that matched our decor, the cover was removable and machine washable….it was heaven in a $20 floor pillow. (Note all the past tense there.) They in fact loved their pillow so much that they discovered the zipper. They then chewed the zipper. The zipper is no more and the original pillow case was thrown away.

Fast forward a month or so to today!!! A nice lazy boring rainy Saturday. I decided today was the perfect day to make the replacement pillow cover. A few weeks ago I hit a fabric sale and bought some cute fleece (since their fleece blankies they came home with when we got them have proven near indestructible!!

I got Velcro to use for the closure. I double-stitched all the seams with a straight stitch and then an interlocking stitch as ‘back-up.’ My measurements were perfect! Construction…sturdy! The fit….flawless! I rushed to show DH this wonder of a perfect pillowcase I made!!

Pupppy pillow 1

Everyone was rightly impressed with the back. Next, onto the cutesy front!!

Pupppy pillow 2

Oh it’s so soft!! Oh it’s so squishy!! Oh it’s so………backwards?

Pupppy pillow 3

I checked the fleece and both sides were printed. I took this to mean that there was no ‘right’ side and just sewed, sewed, sewed. Boy, was I wrong!! Now all my “puppy love” is “evol yppup” ::Le sigh:: this is the kind of thing that is pretty typical for me.

I pouted for a whole 15 minutes. My perfect scewed-up creation 😦

But, then I decided….the great thing about puppies is, they don’t care. They can’t read. They still think it’s the greatest thing ever. Jasper took a nap on his new squishy pillow for hours today. He’s happy, so I’m happy!!


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