October 2009 Goals

  1. Front of house makeover Obviously still working on this and still waiting to hear back from the contractor.
  2. Put up Halloween decorations!!! YAY, I ❤ Halloween and it’s such a fun time to live near Salem, MA! The celebrations have already begun.
  3. Complete kitchen built-in with countertop and backsplash design
  4. Seal Granite countertops in kitchen – already have the stuff to do this, just haven’t done it!
  5. Pack up summer clothes and prep for winter. Sad but true
  6. Write letter to Animal Shelter – for those of you that have followed along me with a while, you may remember our disheartening experience at trying to adopt a puppy at our local shelter. Now that some time has passed, I think I’m ready to write a letter to the shelter explaining our experience to them and how they turned down a wonderful pair of puppy parents. They always have notices that they are overrun with animals and please adopt, but then when you tried to you practically get ridiculed?! I feel like I have to say something.
  7. Work on Emersen’s gift – already started knitting and it is quite the challenge. I know I won’t finish this one soon, but need to keep at it. Steady as she goes mates! (Keeping details on this mysteriously absent so Emersen’s Mommy will be surprised!)
  8. Spin more yarn – I’ve really enjoyed spinning lately so I want to finish spinning all my fiber from my Sept Phattie box!
  9. Keep on blogging on! – I have some ideas to keep the blog active….mostly, theme days is what I’m thinking of. We’ll see if it pans out!
  10. Try at least one totally new recipe! I already have it picked out….and might just try it this weekend!
  11. Work on craft room organization/storage – I think I have to go on a yarn diet. Anyone have clever suggestions on how to store a LOT of yarn in a small space? If  so, I want to hear them!!!
  12. Treadmill, Treadmill, Treadmill!!!

Wow, that’s a lot, wish me luck!!!


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