September Wrap-Up!

How did I do with this month’s goals?? Let’s revisit, shall we?

1-TREADMILL BABY!! I’m getting a bit of a late start with this because after the San Francisco trip I got really sick with a bad sinus infection. But I have started, YAY!

2-Weekly weigh-in. On target and we are all doing great!

3-Contact contractor, Re: front of house redo. Placed call but waiting to hear back. So, slow progress here, but I’m counting it.

4-Reseal dining room windows. This bombed out because we’re waiting to hear back from the contractor about the work we’d like to do. It’s possible this would be included with some of the stuff we want done anyway.

5-Complete plan for kitchen “built-in” baker’s rack and tiled backsplash. I’ve got the basic design of the cabinetry figured out. I even figured out the tilework design for the countertop. But, when I started working on the backsplash plan, I found another tile option to add to the mix! Decisions, decisions, hopefully I’ll be posting more concrete plans soon. So, I’m on the fence about this one, neither a “pass” nor a “fail”

6-Whack down the monster bushes in front of the house. In progress and looking good! The monster rhododendrons are GONE!!

7-Knit/Crochet something for ME ME ME!! I have definitely enjoyed making a few new things and spinning yarn, so I’m giving this a pass. I haven’t totally knitted something just for me, but I am having fun again, which was the goal!

8-Blog more regularly. Considering the week trip to San Francisco and the week of being sick, I think I did OK this month. But I do have a few more plans coming up to help me keep up the blog!


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