I’m Phat Baby!!

(but not fat). Every month Phat Fiber sells a limited number of boxes containing handmade samples from a variety of different sellers (most have shops on Etsy or Artfire). The idea is that you can try out the samples before purchasing online. This is crucial for fiber artists because a lot of time we have to ‘feel’  the yarn to know if we like it (rub, pet, nuzzle, it can admittedly get a bit weird for some fiber addicts!) The boxes are super limited in number so they are sold in two batches on Etsy and usually sell out in less than a minute each time! These boxes go all over the world! I think it is so cool and there is quite a cult following now.

Anyway, on to the good stuff, I got a September Box, WOO-HOO!!!! I have tried 3 times and had the boxes sell out before I could snag one, but not this month! I am so excited with all the fiber and yarn samples! There was also a little drawstring goodie bag in my box and several really cute stichmarkers. Here are a few pictures of my box:


I am super-duper excited about the fiber because I’m learning to spin and haven’t gotten much practice lately. So, I dove into the fibers first and here are some ‘hot-off-the-spindle’ pics!

Still on the spindle! A single plied multi-color wool with beautiful color transitions:


I am really proud of this one!! It’s a 2-ply (my first!) of two samples. The grey (carbonized bamboo and wool blend) has pink highlights in it, which is what gave me the idea to ply it together with the pink (superwash wool). I am so happy with how it came out!!!!



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