Tea Cozy!!!

I find that ‘up north’ in the winter I drink a lot more hot tea (and hot cocoa, and hot apple cider, but let’s stay focused). While I was home sick last week and had a killer sore throat I was downing hot tea with honey almost constantly because the heat felt so good on my throat. My good friend Caroline is from England and gave me a brief education on the proper way to make tea. So, first I ordered a tea pot. I had a kettle to boil water in on the stove, but no kettle to steep the tea in. About 20 minutes on Ebay and a few bucks later, I have a teapot! This gave me a wonderful fiber opportunity to make a tea cozy!!! I find this to be quite functional because when the ceramic gets blazing hot from the boiling water, you will be protected by the nice little cozy. I crocheted one this weekend:

I think the pattern is quite cute!! I’m not totally crazy about how the colors came out. This yarn is Paton Soy Wool Stripes in Natural Navy. Notice that navy is quite a minor color here!! Our dishes are blues, greens and browns, with ivory contrast, so I thought this would match, but it striped pretty weird and is way more brown than blue. Oh well, it is super functional and most importantly, fits the teapot, so I’m calling it a winner! 🙂


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