Taking care of my pet peeve!

I have one really big pet peeve. One that sends shivers up my spine every time I encounter it….stuff sticking to my feet! I can’t stand it. If I’m walking barefoot and stuff is sticking to my feet, I’ll run to a rug to wipe them off or I’ll wipe them on the leg of my jeans, anything to get rid of whatever it is. Since I can’t constantly clean my floor, this means I walk around in socks or slippers a LOT! Avoidance, yes, but ignorance is bliss. Except of course that I’m not totally ignorant of the situation, so I’m getting creative about taking care of it!! I mean, we have me and DH, the two puppies, and dogwalkers stopping by 3 times a day. That is a LOT of in-and-out the door tracking in dirt and grass!!

My arsenal:


2-dustmop with reusable/washable terrycloth cover

3-Swiffer WetJet (I definitely us this the most!)

and now…….

4-Dustmop slippers!!!! I just got these this week. I’ve seen them several times. I’ve laughed at how silly they are. I’ve made fun of them with friends. I know own the neon green ones. I have no shame, I love them and I love knowing that with every step I’m cleaning the floor! I think my DH is getting worried….he says my obsession over the floor has reached a new level.

5-The Bissell ProHeat cleaner!! Just got this puppy today and have already taken it for a spin!!

This purchase was really prompted by a dried up ‘accident’ I found on our rug in the living room (the Crate and Barrel rug that is only about 7 months old). Training two puppies has taken it’s toll, so I thought this would be worth the investment for the occasional (every few months? once a season?) cleaning of the old rug. It is awesome!! Quieter than my regular vacuum cleaner, easy to use and I think I squealed as I dumped out the dirty (really dirty) used water from the tank. My rug is clean, YAY!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow…..the runner on the stairs. It is scary with dirt and wear from the previous owners (and their two cats) and coffee stains. I can’t wait to see how it goes!!!


2 thoughts on “Taking care of my pet peeve!

  1. Yet another way you and I are alike…..I can’t stand it when something sticks to the bottom of my feet! It’s one of the main reasons I’d kinda like to keep carpet in the house. I get so annoyed when I clean a wood floor and 30 seconds letter step on a tiny piece of dirt (or whatever). Good luck keeping those floors clean! 🙂

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