Back from SFO

I’m finally back on the good ole East coast and at home tonight!! Overall we had a very good trip to San Francisco. We were there for work, but managed to slip in a little fun before flying back today. I’ll save the details for when I download the pictures, but here are a few highlights:
1-Fog. Lots and lots of fog.
2-Just say no to ‘shi-shi’ French hotels (Terry’s words, but I’m not going to argue too much). Nice hotel with nice staff, but come on, it’s a hotel and was really overpriced, especially in the restaurant/bar. It was built as a luxury hotel in the late 80’s, which explains why it kinda feels you’re in a Miami Vice episode!!

3-Japanese Tea Garden in the Golden Gate Park = RELAXING!!

tea garden

Enough of a teaser, you’ll see more when I get the pics downloaded!! For now, I’m happy to be back home and ready to go pick up my puppies in the morning. The house is WAY too quiet without them here!!


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