August Wrap-up

AUGUST!!! My favorite month because it’s my BIRTHDAY!!!

That’s me and my Mom wearing super stylish 3D glasses at the IMAX where we went to see the new Harry Potter for my birthday!!

So, how did I do for my August goals? Let us see…..

  1. Finish baby gift (ugh, this one is going to be late!) DONE!!! I just finished this today and boy is she a beaut!! It will go in the mail this week. I took pictures, but alas, my computer issues continue, so one day you will see them!
  2. Continue puppy love and bonding and practice practice practice the training, every day! DONE!!! I am giving myself a big checkie-check for this one!! Maybe we didn’t practice the commands everyday, but we are two of the smartest bested puppies in the class! And, as an extra big accomplishment, we had our first accident-free Mickey day last week and have had 4 more since then!! Our little boys are growing up!!
  3. Weekly weigh-ins – DONE!!! I am happy to report that we are all doing well. Mommy and Daddy haven’t gained any weight and the puppies have, but are right on track for their age, YIPPEE!!
  4. Finalize plan for front of house remodel. Didn’t happen. Well, the idea is there, but we still need to get in touch with a contractor.
  5. Start front of house remodel. Back-burnered (see above).
  6. Start next baby gift. REJECTED!!!! I refuse. I want to knit something other than baby stuff. Everyone having babies can get over it, you’ll get a gift eventually….before the kid graduates.
  7. Buy/Install cabinet for kitchen halfwall. Didn’t happen. Although we have a plan, with just a few details to work out!!!
  8. Get all my clothes picked up at one time. DONE!!! I have 2 bags full of clothes to donate!!!
  9. Post my Spain pictures (before Mom kills me for making her wait). Didn’t happen. But it will….one day. And Mom came to visit so we got to show them to her anyway.
  10. Start to recapture my healthy self. DONE!!! This may be a stretch, but I haven’t gained any weight, so I’m checking it off. Also, for my birthday I got a treadmill, YAY!!! I look forward to doing the Couch-to-5K program!

Overall, not a bad month. Especially considering that half of our day every Saturday is dedicated to puppy class, so weekend projects are really hard to squeeze in right now.


2 thoughts on “August Wrap-up

  1. Way to go with puppy training! That is not an easy task!

    Dusty and I just bought/installed cabinets for a small, empty wall in our kitchen!! It was quite a chore, but totally worth it. I have SO much more storage space and it looks great! Good luck!

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