31 is FUN!!!

Yep! For anyone who missed the news on Facebook, I celebrated my 31st birthday this past Saturday!!! So, how did I spend this most fabulous day birthday???

Well, first we had a great breakfast of Grands Cinnabun cinnamon rolls with our Nana! YUMMM!!! My Mom flew into town on Wednesday to spend my birthday weekend visiting, YAY! Also, I have officially declared birthdays to be calorie-free holidays!!! You can all thank me on your birthday!

So, then, we had PUPPY CLASS!!! We love going to puppy class!

Oh my, we love puppy class! We get crazy playtime and lots of treats!!!

Then we had a quick lunch at home and relaxed a little before going to see the new Harry Potter movie in IMAX 3D!! It was GREAT! My mom is officially caught up on all the Harry Potter’s. She hadn’t seen any of them, so  we did a movie marathon from when she arrived until movie time on Saturday! After the movie we had dinner at Vinny T’s, my favorte Italian restaurant, and got canolli for desert. It was perfect!!

But that’s not all! Then on Sunday, Mom treated us out to a New England Whale Watch cruise! It was great!! It was a 4 hour cruise and we went 24 miles out to Jeffery’s Ledge, which is evidently a big feeding ground/hang out for the whales!! It was great and the naturalist on the boat did a great job explaining the feeding patterns and how to know when they were about to come out of the water. I think they said we saw about 20-23 Humpbacks and a Fin Whale. It was the best birthday present ever!! I will definitely be going back and if anyone is in the area and wants a fabulous time, definitely check out Capt. Bills!!


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