What a response! Playing with Kim’s house

Wow, thanks for the all the great comments everyone!! It is so nice to have outside opinions!

So, if you check out the comments below, you will see that my good friend Kim (a DIY diva, fellow dog lover, and awesome remodeller….seriously, check out the pics on her blog!) has challenged me with helping to come up with a few ideas for getting her a porch too, because, let’s face it, everyone should have one.

Going on my first instincts/impressions and not thinking too hard, here is what I came up with:


(I don’t know why my pic is so tiny, SORRY! Hopefully you get the idea!)

First is a nice low-pitched peak with a good ole traditional porch. Put chairs and/or a swing on this baby and you are set! The bottom two are more of a covered stoop, which would provide weather protection in front of the door, but not the leisure hang-out space.

Why do I like these?? First, Kim’s house has repetitive shape because of the upstairs dormer so if given the chance I think I would add in a second shape. Hence my choices of typical pitched (triangle) roof or a covered stone archway. Also, the door of the house is off-centered both in relation to the house and windows. I’m a big symmetry fan (drives my husband crazy!! You should see the stress when I try to hang pictures perfectly, while he ‘eyeballs’ everything!) so I think that all of these options, which are more centered on the house, draw attention away from the offset of the door and lend a little more balance without hiding or blocking it.

I think the typical porch (top right option) is my favorite over the covered stoop though. I’m just a porchy kind of gal! Hope that gives you some ideas Kim!!!! Thanks for letting me play with your house design!!


4 thoughts on “What a response! Playing with Kim’s house

  1. Oh, Kim’s house would look awesome with a porch!! I agree that my vote would be the top right design…I’m a sucker for a covered porch where you can actually sit outside.

  2. Top right is TOTALLY my option.

    You are so speedy! I am super excited.

    I’m thinking about maybe using the top right but doing it the full length of the house. Thoughts? =)

    1. Oh yea, I think you could do that. The grade of the roof slope wouldn’t be very steep, but I think it’s totally doable!! I’ll update the picture when I can get on my other computer, glad you like it 🙂

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