House Dreaming…

So I mentioned in my August goals that we are trying to finalize plans for updating/remodeling the front of our house. A few things have prompted this, but mostly the fact that right now there is no overhang over the frontdoor. The door was never sealed properly and has water-damage to the frame. We must therefore replace the door. I would also like to add some kind of covering because right now if it’s raining, you basically get soaked while trying to wrestle the door open. Not to mention, our mail gets seriously soaked everytime it rains, because without an overhang, the water trickles off the roof right into the mailbox. Perfect.

While we’re at it adding a covering, I’d like to add a raising stoop/porch. I’m a Southern girl, and porches are just a requirement. I would especially like a covered porch with seating so we can sit and socialize with the neighbors. SO, big job!!!!!

All these are great ideas, but unfortunately the design of our house, which has a split level roof, makes a covered porch difficult to add on because where we would like the porch is where the two roof levels meet.

So, after much thought and consideration….here’s the ideas we came up with:


Out of these options, Idea 1 would be ‘easier’ because the frontdoor stays where it is (currently opens into dining room). Idea 2 is obviously more intensive because it involves moving the front door to the living room, closing in the dining room (which would be GREAT for giving us more space there!!) and adding dormers upstairs. I really prefer this design because I feel like it retains the ‘cape cod’ style of the house and looks intended…whereas idea 1 looks like an addition. My question for you is, well, what do you think? Are we crazy??


10 thoughts on “House Dreaming…

  1. I love the look of your second idea!! I agree that it seems to keep the charm of the original style as opposed to just being “stuck on” there. Unfortunately, though…I think that’s going to be a ton of work!!! If you can handle the time, effort, energy, and money that #2 would take…my vote is to go with that!

  2. Thanks for the input Carrie!! Yes, sadly this would be a TON of work and this one would definitely involve hiring a contractor to do. I am not quite confident enough in our DIY skills to do this ourselves!!

  3. I’d say, if option 2 is within your budget, go for it! This house is your investment & I think an improvement like that will only make the house more valuable in the long run!

    And I agree with you, Option 1 makes the front door look like an addition.

  4. YOU ARE GETTING A PORCH??? (I’m yelling because I’m crazy jealous.)

    If you love #2, I’d go with it. In reality, either of them are going to be lots of work. So, go with what you love! I kinda love #2, I like the door in the middle cause I’m a big fan of symmetry.

    And, when you have a moment… will you design how to put a porch on the front of our house? I’m hoping we can swing that next year. =)

    1. Ooooo, fun! Yea I’ll see if I can figure something out for your because EVERYONE deserves a porch to relax on!! I’m looking forward to sitting on a swing with a cup of coffee listening to the rain pitterpatter on the grass….aaaaahhhhhhhhh….

  5. I agree that option 2 would be best, since you said it would give you more space. If you have the budget for it, I’d go for that one, but if not, I think option 1 would be just fine too.

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